My favorite Animal: Hippopotamus

My favorite Animal

Facts about my favorite animals!

Animal Description Behavior Habitat
lion Lions have strong, compact bodies and powerful forelegs, teeth and jaws for pulling down and killing prey. Their coats are yellow-gold, and adult males have shaggy manes that range in color from blond to reddish-brown to black. Both male and female lions roar, and that roar can be heard over five miles away! The only social member of the cat scrub, grasslands or open woodlands
rhyno Rhinoceroses are large, herbivorous mammals identified by their characteristic horned snouts. The word "rhinoceros" comes from the Greek "rhino" (nose) and "ceros" (horn). There are five species and 11 subspecies of rhino; some have two horns, while others have one. Rhinos are solitary animals, and both males and females establish territories. Rivers, swamps and protected areas
Rottweiler The Rottweiler is one of the oldest of herding breeds. With a history possibly dating back to the Roman Empire, the Rottweiler may be a descendant of ancient Roman drover dogs; a mastiff-type dog that was a dependable, rugged dog with great intelligence and guarding instincts. good natured, placid in basic disposition and fond of children. ... It's important to know that Rottweiler behavior should never include indiscriminate aggression, or appear vicious, 'sharp', fearful or nervous Human houses

More facts!

The hippo can kill the lion, but the lone lion couldn't do much to harm the hippo mortally. Lions typically hunt in prides, and five to six of them might be able to take down a lone hippo. ... A pride of lions can easily take down a lone hippo.

"Cats are angels with fur." - Sark

Tell that to a Lion chasing after you!

It seems lion predation on rhinos is unnoticed and happens more often then we think but mainly calves are killed. So from what I can see lions kill rhino calves fairly consistently, especially if it has lost it mother. As for adult rhinos, they are rarely killed by lions and win in most situations.

Characteristics of my favorite animal: Hippopotamus!

  1. Habitat: Rivers, swamps and protected areas
  2. Diet: Herbivorous
  3. Gestation: About 240 days
  • Size: 13 feet long and 5 feet tall
  • Scientific Name: Hippopotamus amphibius
  • Lifespan: 50 years